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Terms and conditions

Services and Prices

Initial holistic health consultation


Duration: 60-90 min - Price: 115$CAD taxes included

A first consultation lasts between 1 h and 1 h 30 depending on your needs. I always take enough time to understand each person.

I do not carry out a medical diagnosis, I try to establish the best possible lifestyle program for you based on your energy and the disorders you suffer from. You can bring your recent analyses, I may need to consult them.

I am carrying out a vitality assessment:
- The anamnesis with many very specific questions about your medical history and those of your family, your transit, your sleep, your eating habits, etc....
I ask you in advance to fill in questionnaires that you will find in the "forms" section of this site.
- The observation during which you remain dressed: I look at your morphology, your general posture, the quality of your skin, the signs of weakness and vitality, a physical examination if necessary...

Then I will give you a vital hygiene programme which will consist of personalised and dedicated advice for a global management of the different health plans (diet, physical activities, psycho-emotional management...) and can be completed as appropriate by nutritional supplements (or biotherapies) and some changes in your habits:).

Don't panic, it's a roadmap negotiated with more or less flexibility depending on your health status and the changes you expect to see in the coming weeks.

Dietary supplements are recommended for short periods of time to fill deficiencies or encourage certain organic functions. There is no "prescription" and you will never be asked to stop ongoing medical treatments, if your situation improves, go to your doctor to adjust your medication.

The recommendations are in the form of cures to be followed over several months to obtain significant results. A second appointment can be arranged to review the situation or to go further if you wish: this is a follow-up consultation.

The holistic health approach does not "cure" patients. It is the patient who, through his good habits and awareness of his ability to heal himself, uses all his resources to achieve healing.

Follow-up consultation in holistic health


Duration: 45-60 min - Price: 90$CAD taxes included

Duration: 60-90 min - Price: 115$CAD taxes included

A follow-up consultation is often necessary after the initial consultation (or even more, depending on the problem that leads you) in order to adjust the treatment and answer your possible and legitimate questions.

Convinced that changes must be made smoothly, taking into account the strengths and sensitivities of each individual, I propose an individualized approach, "step by step", and especially in a good mood, to ensure long-term benefits.

Express consultation in holistic health

Duration: 15-30 min - Price: 50$CAD taxes included

Only applies to known clients who have already made a file.

This short consultation (can be done by phone and in emergency) is intended to treat only one problem, most often an acute infection or any other small traca of daily life.
For example: You have a cold, what to do? You have caught the last one's gastro, which diet to adopt?....

I always reserve the right and duty to refer you to your family doctor when the problem is beyond my control. 
These consultations are daily living aids that do not replace an appointment with your family doctor and a full holistic health consultation appointment after that if necessary.

Express consultation

Therapeutic and holistic care


Duration: 60 min-90min - Price: 90-115$CAD taxes included

According to your needs, the therapeutic and holisic care will be oriented towards different techniques in order to offer you well-being and release all tensions .....
Holistic treatment is the application of a set of manual techniques that aim at the well-being of people through the execution of hand movements on different tissues of the body. It is much more than a simple technique with a mechanical effect. It includes different techniques performed with the hands, elbows and forearms on soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) to reduce pain and soothe the nervous system. It goes beyond the simple relaxing massage and is often deeper. During the treatment, the focus will be on a particular region or regions to relieve discomfort. Using more specific techniques, the therapist will work not only on the pain area, but also on the structures that may be involved. In order to perform this type of treament, I work with various techniques: palpate-roll, accupressure, shiatsu (trigger point), cranio-sacral...

Rate and duration to be discussed with the company

The growing demand for solutions for greater well-being at work opens the door to a holistic health approach in companies: natural approaches to solving chronic disorders, stress and emotion management, nutrition & energy...

Having myself worked for several years in companies, I know the challenges of teamwork, planning management, deadline stress...

Holistic health will act in the direction of well-being at work thanks to different tools: a diet adapted to the needs that evolve throughout life, Bach flowers to manage emotions, essential oils, homeopathy and many others...

Thanks to this harmonious approach, people will learn to tame their negative emotions, which can cause pain and maladjustment, sometimes temporary or more profound, in the company environment.

Holistic corporate health will enable:

- to take a step back from difficult situations
- better management of conflicts and relationships, a better atmosphere in the workplace
- less absenteeism, sick leave, work accident, more involvement...
- better adaptability of staff to certain changes: position, hierarchy, organisation, new markets, etc.
- participants develop self-confidence, so they are more efficient, dynamic and creative in their work in general or to prepare for a specific objective.

I provide individual consultations at the workplace for managers, executives and employees who wish to find or regain harmony in their professional and personal lives.

In-company consulting