Between Sacred Masculin and Feminin

Good morning, everyone,
Today, I wish to share with you my understanding of the divine masculine and feminine, and their respective relationship. This is not the truth, since absolute truth does not exist. The truth is the one that is right for you and that touches you, so please feel free to read and take what interests you and leave what does not. Wishing you a beautiful reading.

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Why is there so much talk about the sacred feminine?

The sacred feminine holds the secret of life. It is directly connected to the divine, so for thousands of years men have been afraid of this capacity for connection and have stifled this innate wisdom. There is no judgment here, only a statement. Like everything else in the universe, this fear was necessary to make the world what it is today.
We are entering a phase of evolution where humanity is slowly starting to wake up and the wisdom of the sacred feminine is naturally, slowly taking its place.
What must be understood in the feminine is that it is in each one of us, whatever our race, gender, religion, is present from birth, whether we listen to it and let it express itself or not. It is the same for the masculine, by the way. The sacred feminine frightens the ego because it does not follow logic, it naturally lets itself be guided by the universal rhythm, which must be in the present moment, without past or future right now. It is in the listening, the opening, the reception. The feminine is the key to the divine power in each one of us.

Sacred feminine/masculine relationship?

The feminine guides the masculine, the guide. Without feminine, the masculine is nothing, but without the masculine the feminine has no reason to exist. Like the sun and the moon, the shadow and the light...

Also as in a whole, a perfect uniqueness, one cannot exist without the other.

Cycle of sacred encounter between the feminine and the masculine:

To simplify things, we can consider that the beginning of the cycle begins when the feminine is in its heart, in its center, listening to its being, preparing itself, to accept the continuation, to settle down. Meanwhile, the masculine waits. The wait can be long, very long, but it is essential for the feminine to have time to prepare to be in her heart. In this waiting the masculine nourishes its intention, a powerful inspiration that it lets come, while being conscious, present.
When he is ready, aligned in his heart, in acceptance, the feminine opens and receives. At that moment, the masculine lets his intention emerge and crosses the feminine. The feminine accepts, welcomes this intention with love and compassion, and closes to integrate it into its being, and begin a process of profound transformation. During this closing of the feminine, the masculine is put back in the waiting, in the present, ready to put itself in action. When the mutation is over, the feminine opens again, releasing the newly transformed intention and letting the masculine put itself into action to materialize what has just been released. The feminine then closes and returns to a state of listening, reconnecting to its deepest being, while the masculine completes the action and then in its turn goes back to waiting for a new cycle.
Through these constant endless cycles, we understand that the feminine and the masculine are present in each of us and that only a harmonious polarity allows right actions that have a deep impact in the universe. Everyone becomes aware that these two polarities are as important as each other, because for perfect harmony, they cannot exist one without the other.

We then understand that being a woman does not mean being only in her feminine form, and to be a man does not mean to be only in one’s masculine. Being a human being means learning to harmonize the two facets of the same piece.

Learning to be in your sacred feminine is what?

It is learning to take the time to be ready to receive, to deposit oneself, to accept to Be before opening up, to refocus oneself.
It means accepting to take time even if the masculine pushes, accepting to set limits, to not let oneself be pushed, to push back with trust oneself to feel the perfect moment to open up and welcome. It is to love each other in this whole process, not to be violent, not to hurry, to let each moment be as it should be.
It is learning to let the masculine wait, without guilt or judgment, in his being with love for himself and/or for the other.
It is then accepting to receive and welcome with compassion what the masculine transmits, without judgment.
It is accepting to transform this intention, whatever it may be, in order to transmit something beautiful, something just.
It is accepting to close oneself when necessary, to settle down between each cycle, to take the time without chaining...
It means accepting not to leave the door open constantly, accepting that each cycle is a sequence of opening and closing and respecting each step.
It is also accepting the masculine in all its beauty for what it is without asking for any adaptation, change, taking it and loving it as it is.
But more than anything else it is to have confidence, to love oneself, to feel deeply the vital impulse that carries us and to stay with this impulse in order to respect the perfect time of each phase of the take the time.

Learning to be in one's sacred masculinity is what?

It is waiting with love and compassion. Feeling the right moment, letting what must emerge, settling in intention, letting what must emerge without blocking anything in being.
It is learning to be in wait, to watch the intention forming, the deep calm, listening to what emerges.
It is learning to let oneself be carried by a time of which one is not master.
It is learning to listen to the feminine, to respect it; and when it is the right moment, to transmit the intention that has emerged, without holding back, but with gentleness and love.
It is to accept to come back after the action to a new moment of waiting, in silence being and letting the process of transformation happen.
It is to remain listening to her at every moment to envelop and secure the feminine, accompanying her indirectly in the transformation.
It means accepting to receive a different intention, transformed with love and accepting to carry it into action, allowing it to materialize, allowing it to exist.
It is to accept to finish the action and to put oneself back in a wait, in the presence, listening to the emergence of a new impulse.
It is accepting to remain conscious, not to fall asleep in expectation.
It is also to accept the feminine in all its splendour for what it is without asking for any adaptation, change, to take it and love it as it is.
But more than anything else it is to assume oneself, to accept to put one's strength, one's power at the right moment, the one that counts in order to respect the perfect time of each phase of the take the time.

How is this happening in our current life?

In today's society, the different stages are not respected, be it on an individual/in-depth level, in couple relationships or even on a collective level.
Some beings are constantly in certain phases of their masculine and have forgotten that the feminine exists. They are perpetually in intention/action denying the existence of the feminine opening, or do not take the time to wait and force the opening or remain constantly closed.
Others have identified themselves with certain phases of the feminine, forgetting the masculine, being constantly in the reception, accepting everything without setting limits, or not taking the time to settle down and take time, or having difficulties to take action .
It is clear that too much masculine/feminine or too little leads to a fundamental imbalance of the deep being. Everyone is born a woman or a man in this life, to work on the gender he lacks and to learn all the facets of a particular polarity. But this does not mean denying the other polarity, but working to regain balance. Thus a woman will have to work and explore all the facets of her feminine in order to learn how to combine it harmoniously with her masculine. In the same way a man will explore all the facets of his masculine in order to find a balance with his feminine.
For thousands of years and under the main masculine influence, humanity has learned to explore and work on its masculine which with time has forgotten certain phases that made it a sacred polarity. The feminine has had little or no room to experience certain facets of its essence. This was what was necessary for humanity to move forward and be where it is today. Everything is perfect, just as it should be.

What are the difficulties of the feminine?

Mainly to accept to set limits, to push back with love and compassion. To not allow oneself time to settle down and let oneself be carried along rather than let oneself be carried along by time.

What are the difficulties of the masculine?

Imposing one's intention without respecting the right moment, wanting to be constantly in action, in impatience and not respecting the phase of depositing the feminine.

Today, humanity is evolving, consciousness is opening up, the calls towards openness to something greater are increasingly felt...which leaves room for the discovery of new facets of the feminine, forgotten by humanity.

This is why the sacred feminine takes more and more space and makes more and more noise...The evolution of humanity goes through the discovery of these forgotten feminine facets.
This progress also goes through the rediscovery and mastery of the sacred masculine, in expectation, patience, the deep serenity of a silent power.

Each woman and each man has a feminine and a masculine part. A being is not complete without this. Some facets today express themselves more than others...and the work of each life is to discover new facets and to integrate them so that each one in the end is in complete harmony with each polarity.  

The masculine and the feminine must learn each one to find their place in order to find themselves in a balance, a perfect dance which allows a deep harmony...passing by the way of the golden mean.
The feminine guides the masculine, the guide. Without the feminine, the masculine is nothing but without the masculine the feminine has no reason to exist. Also as in a whole, a perfect uniqueness, one cannot exist without the other.

Thank you for the reading,


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