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Where to buy products

You can order your products via:

For all the products :

directly on their website: HERE
by phone:  +1 (844) 311-7272 or by email: 611@pro.lapara.ca
at the shop: 5412 Avenue du Parc, Montreal

You will have 8% discount ordering on their website

by phone:  (514) 495-1661
by email : terrasanitas@icloud.com
or at the shop :1457 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V 1L3
You will have 10% discount because i have a partnership with them.


For PHYTOSANTE custom products, please send me an email at info@marieluquet.com and i will order for you. You can pay me via check or interac banking transfer at reception of the invoice.