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"In love with the nature, with human beings, and it civilizations, I travel around the world for many years to discover humanity but above all to discover myself.

I have spent my whole life looking outside all source of joy, happiness and love, sometimes to the point where I find myself lost, blaming the outside world for everything that happens to me, constantly judging myself for not being "enough" or for being "too much", above all searching constantly for perfection...

I started to find a form of inner peace once I stoped looking for what I was missing on the outside and reconnected with my innerself, deep inside myself...my soul. I have spent much of my life putting up barriers to avoid suffering. My liberation began when I agreed to give up fighting, to face beliefs and to surrender by reconnecting to my true self hidden for many years by some "I must" or "I have to". At that point, i start to discover, to accept and to love myself and that was the beginning of my long endeless journey....

My goal is to help everyone find one balance: to learn to reconnect to your deepest nature, to learn to love one's true self, not the one the outside world would like you to be but the one who is hidden inside, the one that needs to be loved !

I offer my help to those who reach out to me, each one at his own pace, on the path of reconnection to his true self, his essence, the divine flame that we all carry within us. I do not hold the answers, only some keys for the liberation of the blockages of body, heart and mind, because each one choose his future.  I simply help to free blocking memories, repressed emotions, suppressed desires so that each one can move towards the path that corresponds to one true self...the one of the soul.

I wish you a great discovery in the wonderful experience we call life."